Cup to D

Under the spotlights, stars don’t hesitate to go through plastic surgery. Among all the key operations, breast implants are the most popular in Hollywood. Here are some celebrities who have gone under the knife.

Angelina Jolie: she had a proactive double mastectomy to avoid the risk of breast cancer and that the surgery included implants to reconstruct her breasts.

Victoria Beckham: she would have gone from A cup to a D in 1999. In 2009, sources claimed she’d had an adjustment to reduce her boobs to a 34B

Kourtney Kardashian: she got surgery to go from a B cup to a C cup in her early 20s, but lived to regret it. “It was so dumb. I just got the idea in my head one day.”

Nicki Minaj: she had been several plastic surgery programs including breast implants. Nicki breast implant procedure was taken to balance her body with her big butt.

Paris Hilton: she claimed she’d never have a boob job « I like looking natural and flat-chested » she said. But recently, she snaps a selfie boobs out and nobody can’t deny she has bigger boobs! Or she’s really good with makeup.

Nicole Richie: For her 30th birthday, Lionel Richie’s daughter had a breast augmentation. She went to a 85A to a 90B, so we can say that she stays modest!

Kelly Rowland: she waited until she was 26 when she finally decided she didn’t want “little nuggets for boobs”.

Marion Cotillard: the french actress had breast implants to increase her breast size to a 32B, but it made a big difference from before to after.

Megan Fox: she had a boob job in the mid to late 2000’s. Her breast size went up at least a cup

What do you think about their transformation?


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