Young philly rapper claims jay Z is his father

Do you remember when back in 2011 Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott claimed that Jay Z is the father of her son? Well, a few years later an aspiring Philly rapper and his mother suggest the very same thing – Hov is allegedly the pops of the young artist. According to The National Enquire, the Roc Nation founder is purposely avoiding a DNA test that could prove the 21-year-old Rymir Satterthwaite is his very own son. His mother, Wanda, claims he has slept with Jay in the ’90s and that’s when they conceived Rymir, who filed a civil lawsuit against his alleged father in December 2014. Four years ago, in 2010, is when Satterthwaite’s mother initially tried to get Jay Z to submit to a DNA test. Unfortunately, her attempt failed since a New Jersey family court dismissed the case after Hov allegedly provided a “false” address, the one to his Manhattan office, instead of one of his reported New Jersey homes. Satterthwaite’s godmother was approached by New York Daily News and admitted her family never expected so much media attention. Right now I can’t talk about it. We plan to go the public soon…All this attention caught us off guard. We didn’t expect someone to leak it to the press. We weren’t expecting this.” In the meantime, Rymir himself took it to Twitter to issue an apology. IW apologize and tell him I never ment him any harm I just wanted to know if u was my dad . It good to no all your family if you have more.

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