Chris Brown the Surprise Father of This Baby Girl?

Chris Brown was surprised to find out last week that he couldn’t enter Canada to perform two of his sold out concerts, but this week it is fans of Chris Brown who are surprised by his news, as he is reportedly the father of a nine-month old girl with a woman he has known for several years and built up a solid relationship. The mother is reportedly a former model named Nia and although the parents are not exclusively currently in a romantic relationship, they are on “very good terms” and both parties are delighted with the arrangement. There is apparently no form of official child support in place, but one would assume there are informal channels of support. In a recent interview to HOT 97, Chris Brown, sitting beside Fan of a Fan collaborator Tyga, spoke about his faithful relationship to his girlfriend, Karrueche: The hardest part is trying to keep a monogamous relationship, but still wanting to be the 25-year-old sex symbol. I love my woman. In the same breath, I like to have fun and she know I like turning up. Even though it’s not a sexual encounter with females, I just like to be around females.” Chris is reportedly happy to be a father, but we wonder how he thinks being a father will influence his status as a sex symbol. It must be restated that the story is still unconfirmed, but Chris is a frequent interviewee and never shies from making his opinion known, so verification from the R&B singer presumably won’t be far away. 

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