The guy who was recently charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of Nicki Minaj’s tour manager 29-year-old De’Von Pickett, and his friend, Eric Parker, is now facing a severer sentence due to additional evidence confirming his role in two related assaults, Philadelphia Homicide Capt. James Clark reports. Pierce Boykin, 31, was charged Tuesday with murder on Tuesday, as per the latest update on the case. The authorities originally believed he did stab both of the victims, but another assailant is the one who ultimately killed Pickett. Capt. James Clark says the murder charge was tacked on after additional evidence. We remind you that both members of Minaj’s team were in Philadelphia to prepare for Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint” tour and complete the plan for the European leg of the run, which begins in mid-March. They got involved in a brawl over a female bartender outside of a local bar when the incident happened. While De’Von Pickett was fatally injured, his pal, Eric Parker, is expected 

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